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Here is Pastor Bugembe’s New Girlfriend – Wedding Bells Ringing

Wilson Bugembe, a singer and pastor, has finally confirmed that he is seeing someone and will soon be able to marry.

Despite the fact that Pastor Bugembe is approaching the age of 40, his fans have been pressuring him for the past few years to find a partner.

Because he has taken photos with them and claimed to be dating them, they have attached themselves to women.

Pastor Bugembe came out and said that the woman he once dated and wanted to marry ended up disappointing him, which is why he is not rushing into getting married.

From their, he began going delayed on ladies and zeroed in on his music vocation and teaching as called by God.

At the present time it seems to be Minister Wilson Bugembe has at long last mended from his past relationship injury and he is taking a gander at making due with unequivocally.

Wilson Bugembe confirmed that he is indeed in a relationship while preaching to his followers on Sunday, but most people are unaware of it.

During his Sunday church service, he stated, “By the way, most people here don’t know that I am seeing someone, and probably I will marry her next year.”

He said he is taking a gander at formally getting hitched one year from now and subtleties will be shared as time draws near.

Some individuals are unaware that I am seeing someone. However, Pastor Wilson Bugembe stated, “I can tell you I am dating and I will officially marry my woman next year.”



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