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Awards: David Lutalo beats Winnie Nwagi, Azawi, Spice Diana and Fik Famica

From having a fruitful show a long time prior at Lodging Africana, artiste David Lutalo was delegated the character of the month

in the principal version of the Press Bpabeio Grants that were held at Russell Inn over the course of the end of the week.

The Kabisi kandagala artiste is in an ideal situation than Vyper Rankings, Zest Diana, Fik Fameica, Liam Voice,

Winnie Nwanji, Azawi, Martha Mukisa and Karole Kasita who were additionally candidates in this class.

Amos Lovinz scooped the Should Watch Grant where he was selected against artists Vyroota, Acidic Vokoz, Tyana Bax and Lord Fa

while Nkulinako Pulverize hit vocalist Acidic Vokoz UG won the Appreciation Grant for his ability.

The principal version saw various media staff gathering at the Russell Lodging to observe another entryway being opened for these new honors.

Dissimilar to various granting functions that happen one time per year, Press Bpabeio Grants will be occurring six times each year,

appreciating and distributing awards to meriting individuals each following two months.

The granting service was started by Metro FM radio moderator Omusawo Tintah Deogratius who vowed to hold them

consistent with the underlying foundations of valuing each and every individual who works effectively for the Music Business.

He was joined by Mutebi Ramathan also known as Ruler Bitem, the Uganda Performer Affiliation (UMA) Boss Whip

who addressed the affiliation and commended the Honors’ straightforwardness.

Simply 3 honors are to be distributed each following 2 months and these incorporate;

1.         Best Character

2.         Must Watch Ability

3.         Appreciation Honor



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